Las Vegas

Effe Delicious

This morning I got up on time after a good night's sleep and took a shower. After this we eat a few mini croissants in our room. Packed the stuff and loaded the truck. We've been on the road for five weeks now and despite all the purchases I get it back in every day. How we're gonna get it home I don't know yet. On to the office where our shriveled up Indian bad English speaking Indian was waiting for us. She told us last night that she tried to create an account with airbnb but she couldn't do it. No of course not they already have an account or they are not visible on their app. But I was done with it, grabbed some coffee and left. That felt a bit good, or you better figure it out. Our Tommie set up and we had 550 km ahead of us. On my way, then.

Hoover Dam

It turned out to be a long but varied road where we were not bored. A very different landscape and the Saturday traffic was very special, beautiful to see how people are going to spend their Saturday. The Hoover dam came in sight, 25 years ago the continuous road was still over the dam but nowadays there is a road around it and the Hoover dam is heavily protected. The car and we were checked for weapons before we were allowed to continue towards the dam. However, it is nice that parking for the disabled is free, this has already saved us $20 today. We left the car a few more times and then we moved on.

Las Vegas

The road to Las Vegas is characteristic with all the new bridges and viaducts with pictures of animals. From a distance of 35 km we could already see the skyline. We drove into town and Tommie led us flawlessly to our Hooters hotel. We checked in and the price turned out to be half of what booking had given us up and then we had a room overlooking the strip. Installed us and because we now have good internet had put everything from the past few days online. Exploring the city and listening to music and having a drink at the Irish Pub at New York New York. Then the evening was over and we went back to the hotel. See you tomorrow

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